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Mississippi Physicians Care Network (MPCN) Announces Partnership with Magnolia Health Plan (Magnolia) for the Mississippi Division of Medicaid MississippiCAN Program

We are pleased to announce that Mississippi Physicians Care Network (MPCN), a subsidiary of the Mississippi State Medical Association (MSMA), has joined forces with Magnolia Health Plan (Magnolia) to provide a physician-directed network for patients receiving MississippiCAN benefits through the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (Medicaid). This program is designed by Medicaid and currently includes approximately 82,000 beneficiaries and growing.  Together, MPCN and Magnolia want to work with physicians and other providers like you to ensure doctor-directed coordinated medical care to Medicaid beneficiaries.

A little about Magnolia Health Plan. MPCN is partnering with Magnolia because they are committed to long-term relationships with physicians to ensure that your Medicaid patients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Magnolia has promised to engage physicians to actively work together on key program decisions, quality improvement, pharmacy issues, and other impediments that usually discourage doctors. In fact, several MPCN physicians are serving in leadership capacities with Magnolia Health Plan on the Board of Directors as well as Quality Improvement and Credentialing Committees.  Magnolia is wholly owned by its parent company, Centene Corporation, which has been serving Medicaid members for 25 years. Centene currently has 1.4 million Medicaid members in nine (9) states and is pleased to now add Mississippi to that list. Centene’s health plans draw on a national infrastructure with centralized finance, information systems, and medical management support systems, yet have local staff throughout Mississippi in member relations and provider relations, a local call center, and a local management team. 

At MPCN, we know that you have a choice and we are pleased to offer a doctor-directed, MSMA-sponsored alternative so physicians like you can treat Medicaid recipients and participate with Magnolia to improve health outcomes in this fragile population. We have included a summary document which provides information relative to the MississippiCAN program for your review.  If you would like additional information or already know that you want to partner with MPCN and Magnolia regarding your patients in the MississippiCAN program you may fax the attached form to us at 601-605-4753 or contact us at 800-931-8533.

We will contact you soon to further discuss this exciting partnership and look forward to your participation in the MPCN/Magnolia Health Plan network.

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For more information, please download the Information Request Form and fax the completed form to 601-605-4753

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